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Michelle Currie 1.jpg

Michelle Currie


Sci-Artist / Jeweller

BA (Hons) Jewellery Design and Silversmithing
Glasgow School of Art

Inspired by science and astronomy, including research into black holes and gravitational waves, Currie's practice explores the unseen forces that govern and shape our world.


By combining gold, silver and precious stones with ferromagnetic materials such as iron oxide, iron sand collected from the beaches on the west coast of Scotland, and ferrofluid, a substance engineered by NASA to control liquids in space, Currie captures the exciting variety of textures and movements created when iron particles are exposed to neodymium magnets.


She creates her own mixtures of iron particles in her studio on Islay, which she sculpts directly onto magnetic field lines, using the invisible structure as a canvas to capture explosive moments as static, ominous wearable sculptures.​

Browse below for some examples of private and industry led briefs or contact for further details and collaborations.

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