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UNALOME Art Commission

One of my largest art commissions to date is a set of copper etched artworks that I created for UNALOME restaurant in Glasgow's West End.

UNALOME is a Michelin Star restaurant by multi award-winning chef patron Greame Cheevers which celebrates local Scottish produce and is named after the Buddhist symbol that represents the path each person takes in life.

The UNALOME enlightenment ethos was used to inspire several small bespoke etched works and 2 large copper etched artworks that can now be seen in the restaurant.

By using the unseen magnetic field lines to influence and capture beautiful and otherworldly reactions on physical matter, each of these works contain a unique snapshot of the ever present influence of invisible forces on our physical world.

The incredible reactions caused by magnetic influence on ferromagnetic materials have long inspired my work and in these bespoke works.

After each moment was captured it was then etched onto large copper sheets, treated and oxidised allowing the copper to very slowly react over time creating greater depth and an ever evolving artwork.

A very special thanks to chef patron Graeme Cheevers for this incredible opportunity to be part of UNALOME's exciting journey.

If you are visiting Glasgow, UNALOME table reservations can be made below:

A big thank you to all the lovely people who have shared their images of the works in situ whilst enjoying your dining experience!

By Michelle Currie

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