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Inspiration: Observation, Chemical Reactions + Entropy


Fascinated by science and astronomy I am interested in microscopes and telescopes and how they help to contribute to a fuller understanding of our world. Both galactic scales and microscopic scales play an important role in our reality and I am captivated when viewing distant objects up close and viewing close objects even closer.


Chemical Reactions

This interest made its way into my process in many ways. One way it contributed to my research and experimentation was in the form of moving images. As a continuation of my scientific experiments, I was intrigued by the small and sudden chemical reactions and expansions that appeared when I mixed certain substances. I recorded the interactions to capture the moment the separate substances combined in an explosive expansion.



The sudden disruptive movements and irreversible disorder caused by the combining of separate substances is a visual example of the way in which order always tends towards disorder. This tendency is a law of physics (a feature of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics) that includes the understanding of how our universe naturally moves towards disorder and high entropy and why the arrow of time always runs in one direction and that is towards chaos!

My GSA digital showcase was the work in progress of my recent explorations of these observations through the inclusion of ferromagnetic materials such as iron and Ferrofluid.  

The Showcase was made visible through Glasgow School of Art 2020 and was the starting place for my current works.

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