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Design inspiration and practice




Curious about the universe and our place within, as an artist I observe my surroundings to gain greater understanding. Interpreting my experiences and observations through my research & making, I often use macro photography and astro-photography in my design process and research gathering. 

There are so many fascinating processes at work in the galactic and microscopic realms, beautiful patterns and fascinating structures to discover and inspire.

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nano particles + ink

 Created by NASA to control the movement of fuels in space. Ferrofluid contains nano particles of iron that react to magnetic forces.

By combining Ferrofluid and ink to highlight and record reactions to different magnetic forces, I create prints and paintings that inspire my process and highlight beautiful examples of the unseen forces acting on our physical world.


iron + magnets

Iron is a ferromagnetic material and reacts to magnetic forces. I am currently exploring various iron compositions and studying their reations.

I am exploring different sizes of iron shards, mixing compounds and recording their reactions to magnetic fields and resistance. 

As part of this project I am collecting my own iron from beaches around Scotland to use in my jewellery and objects.


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unusual and unpredictable

Experimenting with materials is an important aspect of my creative practice.


I love to test materials and work with unusual or unpredictable metals. An example is gallium. Gallium is a metal with a low melting point just under 30 degrees. It can be worked as a solid but will melt when held in the hand. Its one of the fascinating materials I am currently exploring.

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