Hi Everyone,

My name's Mischa. I am a 4th year Silversmithing and Jewellery student currently studying at Glasgow School of Art. I have been keeping a design blog for about 5 years now but since creating my new website I have lost all my past blogs. (Deep breath and smile!)

So, I will start by uploading information, inspiration and studio experiments from my current project to give an insight into my final year at Glasgow School of Art, interspersed with past blog topics, exciting projects and technical notes.

To get a feel for my project I have attached my artist Statement below, which in reality was one of the last things to come about, however, It helps to communicate the focus and process I found through my investigations.

Artist Statement:

Ever captivated by the unseen forces that govern and shape our world, Michelle’s practice is an exploration and celebration of the interconnected realms of science and art, focusing in particular on the laws of physics and their intrinsic influence on our physical experience and reality. Through methodical studio experimentation and inquisitive scientific observation of ferromagnetic materials, Michelle combines creative enquiry and scientific properties to reveal mesmerising visual examples of physical laws. Applying a knowledge sharing philosophy, encouraging cross boundary collaboration to experience a fuller understanding of existence, Michelle creates curious wearable objects that exist in response to seemingly unrelated yet intrinsically interwoven cross-disciplinary conversations.

In my following blog posts I will share my experiments, process and materials to give an insight into how my practice developed over the year and share how my practice is currently evolving and progressing. I hope you enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!


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